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Casselden Place Archaeological Excavations
PROJECT Uploaded by: Penny Crook

The Casselden Place Archaeological Excavations (50 Lonsdale Street) were conduced in two stages in May-July and November-December 2002 by Godden Mackay Logan, Austral Archaeology and the Archaeology Program at La Trobe University. The site is located in the eastern end of Melbourne CBD in the infamous 'Little Lon' precinct—an area that acquired a reputation in the 19th and early-20th centuries for squalor and vice. The site revealed evidence of Melbourne's earliest phases of settlement and...

Cost, quality and value in historical archaeology
PROJECT Penny Crook.

This doctoral research program explored three key concepts in nineteenth-century consumerism - cost, quality and value - and the role they play in examining the archaeological material culture of the modern world. It encompassed two primary strands of inquiry: one, a consumption-theory driven study of trade catalogues to analyse the cost and promotion of 19th-century tablewares; and two, a close study of production flaws observed in archaeological sherds. These culminated in a consideration of...

A Historical Archaeology of the Commonwealth Block 1850-1950
PROJECT Tim Murray. Charlotte Smith.

Melbourne’s Commonwealth Block was a central city neighbourhood that existed for a century (from roughly 1850 to 1950) as a place of working-class residence and employment. Intermeshed with these working-class networks was a complicated landscape of small-scale businesses, and a cluster of large factories. This project is an Australian Research Council-funded Linkage project undertaken by La Trobe University and Museum Victoria to consolidate, amalgamate and enhance the available site and...

Little Lon excavations
PROJECT Justin McCarthy.

Excavations undertaken over a five month period in 1987-1988 on the Commonwealth Block, formerly the inner-city working-class district of Little Lon in Melbourne’s CBD. The excavation revealed building foundations, hearths, cellars, cesspits and laneways. Due to multiple phases of occupation and concurrent demolition across the site was highly disturbed, but rich deposits were recovered from 14 cesspits and 11 rubbish dumps. At that time, the excavation at ‘Little Lon’ was the largest urban...

Suburban archaeology: approaching an archaeology of the middle class in 19th century Melbourne
PROJECT Tim Murray. Susan Lawrence. Andrew May. Linda Young. Sarah Hayes.

This multi-disciplinary Australian Research Council-funded project is jointly held by La Trobe University, University of Melbourne and Deakin University. It engages archaeologists, historians and museologists in an investigation that places material culture at the centre of understandings of suburban middle-class life in Australian cities. The project responds to recent work on consumption, identity, and class formation about the need to investigate the material conditions of the urban middle...

Viewbank Homestead (PhD Research)
PROJECT Sarah Hayes.

PhD research undertaken on the material culture of the Martins, a wealthy middle-class family in nineteenth-century Melbourne. The artefact assemblage used for this research was recovered by Heritage Victoria between 1996 and 1999 from the site of Viewbank homestead, in Heidelberg, Melbourne. Viewbank was home to Dr Robert and Mrs Lucy Martin and their six children from 1844 to 1874. In analysing the assemblage, this PhD is particularly concerned with the close relationship between material...