Lee Ranch Mine, McKinley County, New Mexico (Geographic Keyword)

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MACROFLORAL ANALYSIS AT SW 431.44 (LA 121773), SW 431.46 (LA 121775), SW 431.119 (LA120595), AND SW 165-301 (LA65403) FOR THE LEE RANCH COAL COMPANY MITIGATION PROJECT, NEW MEXICO (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Kathryn Puseman.

Soil samples from SW 431.44 (LA121773), SW 431.46 (LA121775), SW 431.119 (LA120595), and SW 165-301 (LA65403) on the Lee Ranch Mine in McKinley County, New Mexico, were floated to recover macrofloral remains. These sites represent limited use areas consisting mainly of artifact scatters with a few subsurface features. Macrofloral analysis can provide information concerning diet, past subsistence activities, seasonality of occupation, feature function, site function, site occupation...