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Copper Oxhide Ingot Database
PROJECT Uploaded by: Alaina Kaiser

This database is the product of my research to create a catalogue of all published copper oxhide ingot remains from the Late Bronze Age. The resulting database and paper is in effort to complete my Master's of Archaeology from Cornell University. It composes the main physical and contextual data for the known copper oxhide ingot remains, including the information about the enigmatic marks found on some of the ingots. This database is intended to be an ongoing project, and has been made public on...

Copper Oxhide Ingot Marks: Reference Tables, Maps, and Bibliography (2013)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Alaina Kaiser. CORNELL UNIV.

This is an informal document designed to accompany my database until the completion of my Master's thesis. It provides a visual aid regarding the ingot marks and their geographical distribution, as well as an extensive bibliography.