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Archaeological Survey in Catalina State Park with a Focus on the Romero Ruin (1987)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Mark D. Elson. William H. Doelle.

Catalina State Park is situated approximately 22 km (14 miles) north of Tucson, Arizona. Within this beautiful and pristine desert area lie a large number of relatively undisturbed archaeological sites. The park has witnessed a long and varied history. Sometime after 5000 B.C. Archaic period hunters and gatherers first roamed through the park area in their search for game and edible plants. During the following Hohokam period the park area was intensively occupied. A wide range of sites are...

An Archaeological Survey of the Tucson Aqueducts, Central Arizona Project (1969)
DOCUMENT Full-Text D. W. Kayser. D. C. Fiero.

The Central Arizona Project (CAP) was authorized by the Colorado River Basin Act (P.L. 90-537) in 1968. The following year, the Cultural Resources Management Division of the Arizona State Museum conducted a survey of the preliminary alignment of the Tucson Aqueduct and portions of the Salt-Gila Aqueduct for the Bureau of Reclamation and under a National Park Service contract. The feasibility alignment extended 140 miles from the abandoned town of Charleston, north to the Gila River. The field...