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An Archaeological Assessment of the Proposed Highline Canal Corridor Beautification Project, Phoenix, Arizona (1991)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jerry B. Howard. Todd W. Bostwick.

This report presents an archaeological survey and assessment of the proposed Highline Canal Corridor Beautification Project. The project is located just north of a significant archaeological site, AZ U:9:35(PG). This site contains a Pioneer period Hohokam occupation in an unusual geographic location. An archaeological survey of the project, an area 1200 m in length and 25 m in width, revealed no surface indications of buried archaeological resources. No further archaeological investigations are...

An Assessment of Cultural Resources for the Proposed APS Kyrene EHV Transmission Line Project (1980)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard W. Effland, Jr.. Margerie Green.

At the request of Judith Imhoff of the Environmental Management Department of Arizona Public Service Company, Archaeological Consulting Services (ACS) initiated a cultural resource survey for the proposed 230 kV transmission line extension in the vicinity of the Kyrene Steam Power Plant. Dr. Richard W. Effland and Margerie Green of ACS served as co-principal investigators and field directors for the project. Johna Hutira and Shereen Lerner assisted in the field investigation. The purpose of...