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Archaeological Surveys of Tower Changes and Additional Access Road Spurs, APS Towers 287, SRP Towers 286, 106, 107, 108: For the APS Cholla-Saguaro 500 kV Transmission Line Crossing the Apache-Sitgreaves and Tonto National Forests, Arizona (1977)
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An archaeological clearance survey has been carried out on a portion of land managed by Apache-Sitgreaves and Tonto National Forests for proposed tower changes on the Cholla-Saguaro 500 kV Transmission Line. The archaeological surveys were performed in accordance with the interim survey procedures outlined in the October 13, 1976 (2720/2360/ File) letter by Martin McAllister. It states that "access roads (14 feet wide) and a buffer zone of 50 feet on each side of the road will be surveyed"...

Cholla Project Archaeology, Volume 2, The Chevelon Region (1982)
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The Arizona Public Service Cholla-Saguaro Transmission Line Mitigation Project, an undertaking as large in scope as its full title suggests, began in April of 1977. It is hereafter referred to as Cholla. The project's obvious purpose was to mitigate construction impact on prehistoric sites along that portion of the line extending from the Cholla generating plant near the Little Colorado River to the upper drainage of Devore Wash south of Lake Roosevelt, a distance of 135 transmission-line miles....

A Cultural Resources Survey of 32.26 Miles (719 acres) of the Salt River Project Coronado to Silverking 500-kV Transmission Line, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Coconino and Navajo Counties, Arizona (2013)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Tina Hart. Chris North.

Salt River Project (SRP) requested that Logan Simpson Design Inc. (LSD) conduct an intensive cultural resources survey of a 32.26-mile-long and 180- to 200-ft-wide (719-acre) segment of federal land along the existing SRP Coronado to Silverking 500-kV transmission line. This survey was requested in advance of proposed vegetation maintenance activities within the project corridor. Vegetation maintenance will be performed with mechanical mowing equipment, mounted on a track hoe or a rubber-tired...

Lessons From the White Mountain Planning Unit: a Small-Sample Survey Design for Large Areas (1977)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Bruce R. Donaldson.

Archeological research confronts its practitioners with a series of challenges. At the most general level such challenges are couched in terms of who, when, where, and even perhaps why and how questions. For those engaged in "applied" research--cultural resource management or CRM--additional challenges are presented; the archeologist is accountable to the contracting agent for the expenditure of funds, for timely performance, for providing required information--in short for the CRM practictioner...