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Formation Processes of Maritime Archaeological Sites in the French West Indies Through the Example of Guadeloupe: A First Approach  (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jean-Sébastien Guibert. Christian Stouvenot. Frédéric Leroy.

A broad point of view is applied in order to present this first approach on the formation processes of submerged  and coastal archaeological sites in Guadeloupe. Evidence from historical analysis to archaeological observation help to explain formation processes associated with coastal and submerged archaeological sites. This paper presents a typological approach linked with the site location: underwater, coastal and micro island sites. The formation processes of shipwreck sites incorporate...

Results From The First Excavation On The Saintes Bay’s Shipwreck, Guadeloupe, FWI (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jean-Sébastien Guibert.

This paper presents results from the first excavations on the Saintes Bay’s wreck. The site was discovered in the 1990’s but no archaeological survey or excavation took place apart from a DRASSM expertise in 2002. Known by several divers the site was partially looted but has not been totally destroyed. The wreck may be Anemone a French schooner built in 1823 in Bayonne and used as a custom ship in Guadeloupe. Anemone patrolled the coast in order to prevent illegal trade, in particular the slave...

Second campaign of excavation on the Saintes Bays Wreck, Guadeloupe, FWI (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jean-Sébastien Guibert. Marine Sadania. Noémie Tomadini. Jean-Jacques Maréchal. Franck Bigot.

In 2015 a first campaign led to the identification of the Saintes Bay’s wreck as the Anemone, a French schooner built in 1823 in Bayonne and used as a custom ship in Guadeloupe. It was lost in Saintes Bay in September 1824 during a hurricane. The second campaign focused on gaining a better understanding of the site. Test trenches were opened that looked to exposing the wreck structure to enable a more precise recording of the timbers and gain a better interpretation of shipbuilding techniques of...

The State of Research in the Underwater Archaeology of Saint-Pierre, Martinique, (FWI) (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jean-Sébastien Guibert. Max Guérout. Laurence Serra. Marc Guillaume.

Saint-Pierre, Martinique has been considered the Pompeii of the West Indies. The entire city is an archaeological site sealed by the 1902 Mount Pelée eruption. Its bay is also a shipwreck graveyard due to the disaster. Since the discovery of these shipwrecks in the 1970s, archaeological research beginning in the 1990s has demonstrated the archaeological potential of these sites. Recent research conducted on the port’s dump and the Guinguette Wreck, linked with the earlier chronology, shed light...