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Antarctic Heritage, Materiality and Narratives (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Maria X Senatore.

This paper is framed in a broader theoretical discussion on the role that materiality plays in the building of the Master Narratives of Antarctic History. In order to explore the scope of the Antarctic Heritage at present I have studied the following items and the relationships they bear to one another: a) some of the most widely spread versions of the Antarctic History; b) the process for designating Historic Sites and Monuments under the Antarctic Treaty and the characteristics of the...

An archaeological approach to historic shipwrecks in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Dolores Elkin. Chris Underwood. Mónica Grosso. Cristian Murray.

In 2010 the Museo del Fin del Mundo (Museum of the End of the World) of the city of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, initiated a project with the goal of surveying  125 miles along the Atlantic coast of the island in order to record archaeological evidence of any human presence since prehistoric times until the late 19th century AD, when the first non-native people (mostly missionaries) settled in the region. This paper presents the first results of the archaeological study of historic  shipwreck...

Archaeometallurgy of an 18th Century Shipwreck: The Sloop-of-war HMS Swift (1770), Santa Cruz, Argentina (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Nicolás C. Ciarlo.

During the 18th century, the maritime context occupied an outstanding place regarding the process of transformation and geographic expansion of the main maritime powers, which had worldwide impact on social, political, and economical relationships. Within this context, many technological changes took place, some of them related to British naval metallurgy.   This paper presents the research results carried on the metallic artifacts from the sloop-of-war HMS Swift,lost off Puerto Deseado...

Can Economic Concepts Be Used To More Effectively Raise Awareness And Value Of Underwater Cultural Heritage? (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Chris Underwood.

During the past twenty years, the UK among other countries has undergone a period of urban and social regeneration. As part of this process maritime environments including historic ships have been integrated into harbour and coastal redevelopments, with tourism and social wellbeing considered key components. But, has underwater cultural heritage (UCH) formed a part? The most obvious is the Mary Rose along with smaller collections housed in larger institutions. Acknowledging that innovative...

Illustrating The Components That Form Part Of International Training Courses (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Chris Underwood.

Successful training courses comprise more than the sum of the individual teaching components that take place in the classroom or in the field.  In particular those international courses that bring together participants from different cultures present their own challenges, not just differences in language, but there are other considerations. This paper, using examples from Latin America and the Caribbean, will illustrate the components and organisation that not only helps to fulfil the specific...

Raising Public Awareness Utilising the UK’s Designated Wrecks (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Chris Underwood.

The Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 was passed to protect the UK’s most significant wrecks. In 2013 more than sixty sites are designated under this legislation. Recreational divers continue to enjoy licensed access to them, with amateur archaeologists surveying and in some cases excavating under the direction of their nominated archaeologist, which also remains a voluntary activity. However the relationship between amateurs and the profession with respect to these sites has not always been an easy...