Beaufort County, South Carolina (Geographic Keyword)

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Crossing the Combahee: Mitigation of the Combahee Ferry Historic District (2017)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Brockington and Associates Inc.. Tidewater Atlantic Research, Inc.. Eric C. Poplin. Gordon Watts. Edward Salo. Kristrina A. Shuler. Dave Baluha. Emily Jateff. Nicole Isenbarger. Charles F. Philips.

Archival research focused on the role of ferries in the development of the colony and state of South Carolina, and the particular role of the Combahee Ferry in the region. This included the development of infrastructure within the region and state, military operations during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and the development of rice plantations along this portion of the Combahee River. Particular attention was given to the June 1-2, 1863, Combahee River Raid, conducted by the 2nd South...