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Archaeological Investigations at the Stephen and Harriet Myers and Thomas Elkins Properties, Albany, NY: 2017 and 2018 Seasons (2021)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Marilyn Masson. Michael T. Lucas. Matthew Kirk.

Mid-nineteenth century archaeological investigation of stratigraphy, features, and artifacts associated with the Myers and Elkins residences, homes in the 1850s to African American abolitionists (and with later nineteenth century materials analyzed as well).

Underground Railroad Archaeology Project (URAP), Albany NY
PROJECT Uploaded by: Marilyn Masson

Investigations at the Myers, Elkins, and Ten Broeck properties in historical Albany, NY. Project focused on archaeological questions of daily life of African American abolitionists of the mid-1800s, excavating spaces to the rear of the Myers and Elkins residential locations. The project also investigated the daily lives of enslaved persons of the early 1800s, from the perspective of deposits associated with two rear outbuildings at the Ten Broeck mansion. Research was part of a University at...