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Blue Creek
PROJECT Maya Research Program.

Background—The Maya City of Blue Creek Blue Creek is an ancient Maya city (900 BC–AD 1000) in northwestern Belize, just south of the southern Mexican border. Annual investigations of the site have been under way since 1990. Except for four years, these were, and continue to be, directed by Thomas Guderjan. Consequently, we have access to all records and archives of the project and have an excellent relationship with the government of Belize. The ancient city of Blue Creek covers more than 100...

Blue Creek 2009 Report (2009)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Thomas Guderjan.

This report details the efforts of the 18th consecutive field season of the Blue Creek Archaeological Project. In 2009, we conducted major fieldwork at the Maya centers of Blue Creek, Nojol Nah, and Grey Fox in northwestern Belize. We also conducted continuing investigations of ancient Maya agriculture and related activity at Nojol Nah, Blue Creek and Lamanai.