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The Mattaquason Purchase Site (M48N6), North Chatham (1978)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Marie Eteson. Marilyn Crary. Mary Chase.

The site whose excavation is described here was listed by the Massachusetts State Archaeologist as site M48N6. It is located in northwest Chatham near Pleasant Bay and lies on land owned by RCA Global Communications, Inc., which has been used for their extensive antenna system for the past sixty-two years. This land is within the "First Purchase" from Mattaquason, made by William Nickerson (Nickerson 1958). In spite of its being a well known Indian campsite with a history of intensive potholing,...

Soils at the Freeman-Paine Archaeological Site, Wellfleet, Massachusetts (1961)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Walter H. Lyford.

This report, producing results from three days of field study at the Freeman-Paine Archaeological site, is an attempt to give some information on the soils at the site itself related to the age and dating of the site, as well as the planning of a trial run to see whether a study of soils at archaeological sites would provide enough significant information to warrant continuing an association of soil scientists and archaeologists for other studies. The site was visited on September 22-23, 1960...