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Rediscovering the Past in the Missouri Basin, Public Production (1952)
DOCUMENT Full-Text R. Smith.

The recent acceleration of the water development and conservation program for the Missouri Basin has produced a crisis for the archeologists concerned with the area. The more permanent villages of the aboriginal inhabitants of the Plains were overwhelmingly concentrated in the valleys of the major rivers. The remains of literally thousands of such villages will be unintentional casualties of the water resources development program. This is the story of what archeologists are doing toward meeting...

Studies Along the Lower Agua Fria River: The Eastwing Site and the Marinette Canal (1987)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James B. Rodgers.

Two sites, one prehistoric and one historic, situated northwest of Phoenix and in the south-central part of Arizona, are discussed. Limited field excavation and archival research reveal that the historic site, the Marinette Canal (NA18,267), built in 1910, may have been fed by well water, local runoff, and the seasonal flow of the Agua Fria River. It heads along Calderwood Butte and extends almost 10 km southward toward the present community of Sun City, Arizona. The prehistoric site, the...