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A Cultural Resources Survey of Approximately 3 Miles for a New SRP 230-kV Transmission Line from Kortsen Road to Thornton Road for the Desert Basin Generating Station, Casa Grande, Pinal County, Arizona (2009)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jackie L. Orcholl.

SRP requested that Logan Simpson Design (LSD) conduct a Class III cultural resources survey of a new right-of-way (ROW) to determine whether any significant cultural resources will be disturbed by the construction of a 230-kV transmission line. SRP also requested that LSD evaluate portions of four previously recorded sites that are within an existing Western 115-kV transmission line ROW. The new 230-kV transmission line will replace the existing Western line as part of the current project.

An Experiment in Removing Spray Paint Graffiti from Hohokam Rock Art with Graffiti-B-Gone (1997)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Todd W. Bostwick. J. Claire Dean.

In December 1994, an Arizona Site Steward notified the Phoenix City Archaeologist that a major rock art panel in South Mountain Park had been spray painted with graffiti. At least 700 years old, this Hohokam petroglyph panel is located on a dense, patinated, granodiorite boulder near a city street at the northern edge of the park's boundary. Spray paint graffiti had previously been placed on city structures along the street, as well as on several petroglyph boulders within the park, but this act...