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Anthem at Merrill Ranch: Cultural Resources Inventory of the 3,260-Acre Parcel between Coolidge and Florence, Pinal County, Arizona (2004)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Daniel K. Newsome.

Between October 20 and 23, 2004, archaeologists from EnviroSystems Management, Inc. (EnviroSystems) conducted a Class III cultural resources inventory of 1,568 acres of private land between Coolidge and Florence, Pinal County, Arizona. The 1,568 acres are part of a 3,260-acre parcel proposed for residential development (the remaining 1,692 acres were not examined during this project because 442 acres of the parcel were under cotton cultivation at the time of the inventory and the other 1,250...

Historic Properties Treatment of Nine Sites within the Anthem at Merrill Ranch Development, Florence, Pinal County, Arizona (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Samuel Duwe. Lynn A. Neal.

Given the relatively uniform nature of the seven identified resource processing sites in the Anthem at Merrill Ranch project area, as well as, Site AZ U:15:237(ASM) with its agricultural features, the research focus of the data recovery plan was to gain a better basic understanding of the temporal affiliations of and subsistence strategies represented by the project area’s eight prehistoric sites. An additional goal was to place these sites within the greater context of Hohokam occupation along...

Tracks through Time: Urban Archaeology along the METRO Light Rail Corridor, Volume III: Bioarchaeology (2011)
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This book presents the results of the archaeological investigations that were conducted along then Light Rail route before and during its construction. As with any project that receives federal funding, METRO was legally required to undertake archaeological investigations along the project corridor; but production of this volume reflects not only METRO's commitment to legal compliance with environmental laws, but also the commitment of the cities of Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa to preserve and...