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Archaeological Investigations for the Monitoring Project and the Excavation of Seven Burials within the Court Street Cemetery, AZ BB:13:156 (ASM), Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2013)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. Homer Thiel. Jeremy W. Pye. James T. Watson.

Desert Archaeology, Inc., implemented an archaeological monitoring project for Pima County within the historic Court Street Cemetery, AZ BB:13:156 (ASM). Eleven locations within and adjacent to the cemetery were monitored during installation of a new plastic lining within the existing ceramic sewer pipes, first installed in the mid-1910s. The Court Street Cemetery was established in 1875, on what was then the far north side of Tucson. It was envisioned as the final resting place for...

Guidelines for Creating a Typology for Mass-Produced 19th and 20th Century Burial Container Hardware (2016)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jeremy Pye.

The analysis and historical study of burial container hardware and other mortuary artifacts is crucial in establishing a useful discourse between the multiple lines of evidence recorded and recovered in historical cemetery investigations. Exact identification of types and styles of burial container hardware is vital in defining the chronology of burial, which is necessary in situations where grave markers have been lost or moved from their original locations. In addition, variations in hardware...