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An Archaeological Reconnaissance of the NNWSI Yucca Mountain Project Area Southern Nye County, Nevada (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Lonnie C. Pippin. Robert L. Clerico. Ronald L. Reno.

An archaeological reconnaissance of the 4,368 hectare NNWSI Yucca Mountain Project Area has disclosed 178 prehistoric and 6 historic cultural resources. The prehistoric archaeological sites include temporary campsites, tinajas, knapping stations, toolstone quarries, millingstations, caches, isolated artifacts and diffuse lithic scatters of unknown function. The patterning of these prehistoric sites on the landscape is interpreted to reflect at least three distinct aboriginal settlement...

Archaeological Survey of the Indian Springs Air Force Auxiliary Field (1996)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Andrew L. York. Robin E. McMullen. Paula DeLespinasse. W. Geoffrey Spaulding.

Class III survey report documenting the results of the inventory and providing recommendations on National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) eligibility for sites within the project area.

An Archeological Overview and Management Plan for the Harry Diamond Laboratories - Blossom Point Test Site (1985)
DOCUMENT Full-Text William Gardner. James L. Nolan. Edward Otter. Joel I. Klein.

This archeological overview and management plan provides a tool which can be used by DARCOM and decision makers at the Harry Diamond Laboratories - Blossom Point Test Site to assist in complying with regulations and procedures relating to historic preservation (Technical Manual 5-801-1, Technical Note No. 78-17, Resource Management; 32 CFR 650.181-850.193; Army Regulation 420-40; Army Regulation 200-1; Army Regulation 200-2; 36 CFR 800). This document summarizes data relating to the area's...

A Class III Cultural Resources Reconnaissance of the Five Points Landfill Explosive Ordnance Disposal Site, Cactus Flat, Tonopah Test Range, Nye County, Nevada (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Colleen M. Beck. Christopher E. Young.

DOE/NV proposes to remove ordnance debris which is currently located within the landfill pit. DRI archaeologists conducted the survey on June 21 , 1994, and found one site, 26NY8762, a small lithic artifact scatter.

Evaluation of Site 26CK3905, Range 62, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Stephanie D. Livingston. Fred L. Nials. Jerry Williams.

Site 26Ck3905 is a series of small lithic scatters that cover an area of approximately 720 acres on the west side of the dry bed of Dog Bone Lake . It is bounded on the east by the Dog Bone Lake playa and on the west by the Pintwater Range. It lies on an alluvial fan containing numerous chert and quartzite cobbles .

Final Report on the Archaeological Survey of Electronic Warfare Sites and Related Developments, Nellis Air Force Base Ranges, With an Appendix on the Botanical Findings (1979)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Robert R. Ellis. Teri Swearingen. Michael Mason. Richard H. Brooks.

Final report of activities, finding, and research performed in support of an archaeological, historical, and rare plant survey looking at the potential impact of electronic warfare sites.

Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, Archeological Site Survey, Basic Data Report, Site 18CH226, BPI_0085 (1980)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Maryland Historic Trust.

This report is a Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties Archeological Site Survey, Basic Data Report for the site T14, 18CH226. This site is located on the east side of Cedar Point Neck, about 150m northwest of the Potomac River. A marshy unnamed tributary of the river lies 250m to the east. The site lies in a disced firebreak and is bisected by a road. The site is probably confined to plowzone. This prehistoric lithic scatter, like 18CH225, has been disced and bisected by a road. Its...