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China Vegetation Atlas (2001)
GEOSPATIAL Chinese Vegetation Editing Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Vegetation Dataset, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2001.

his atlas is another summary result of the publication of "Chinese Vegetation" and other monographs by the vegetation ecology workers in China for more than 40 years. It is a basic map of the country's natural resources and natural conditions. It reflects in detail the distribution, horizontal zonality, and vertical zonal distribution patterns of 11 vegetation types, 54 vegetation types of 796 and subgroups, and reflects more than 2,000 plant dominant species in China. This Atlas consists of...

Datasets used for d'Alpoim Guedes and Bocinsky (In Review)
PROJECT Uploaded by: Jade d'Alpoim Guedes

This collection contains the datasets used to support d'Alpoim Guedes and Bocinsky (In Review). It contains: 1.) the China Vegetation Atlas 2.) A database containing records for appearance and period of usage of crops across Eurasia.