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ASOR Syrian Heritage Initiative (SHI): Planning for Safeguarding Heritage Sites in Syria, Weekly Reports
PROJECT Uploaded by: Tyler Sutton

The ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives (CHI) is an international, collaborative effort to respond to the destruction of cultural heritage in Syria and northern Iraq. Since its inception in July 2014, one of ASOR CHI’s main activities has been intensive monitoring, reporting, and fact-finding (MRF) to help address the challenges of the cultural heritage crises unfolding in Syria and northern Iraq. The resources found here are part of the ASOR CHI’s Weekly Report Series.

Report on the Destruction of the Northwest Palace at Nimrud (2015)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael Danti. Scott Branting. Tate Paulette. Allison Cuneo.

This report provides a brief introduction to the site of Nimrud and summarizes the current state of knowledge regarding the destruction of the Northwest Palace by ISIL following a video released on April 11, 2015. The report contains aerial images of the site taken from February 26, 2015 (which shows no recent damage) to April 17, 2015 after the events of barrel bomb detonations by ISIL displaying the destruction of the site.