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Archeological Reconnaissance of Historic Sites in the Fort Randall Reservoir Area: a Preliminary Report (1950)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Thomas Garth.

From July 19 to November 3 in 1930 a survey and excavation program was carried on to locate and if possible determine the physical appearance of historic sites which will shortly be flooded in the Fort Randall Reservoir area. An important feature of the program was to photograph the ruins and gather representative artifacts from each, to be placed in museums to help portray the site’s history. The work was carried on for the National Park Service by the Smithsonian Institution as part of the...

Slaves as Individuals: Variability in Status and Identity Among the Field Slave Houses at Colonels Island Plantation, Georgia (2018)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Carolyn Rock.

In 2015, Brockington and Associates conducted data recovery at a middle-nineteenth century field slave settlement within the Colonel’s Island Plantation in Glynn County, Georgia.This site provided an opportunity to investigate a slave community in which most of the residential footprints were still intact.This paper presents a discussion of slaves as individuals by examining different artifact assemblages among the field houses in a small six-cabin slave settlement on a sea island cotton...

Test Unit Excavation Forms, Blossom Point Phase II, 2002.022_0009 (1999)
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Test unit excavation forms for the Blossom Point Phase II for site 18CH227.