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Archaeological Clearance Survey for Proposed Boundary Fencing at Sonoita Creek Natural Area Park, Santa Cruz County, Arizona (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Laurene G. Montero.

This report presents the results of a Class III archaeological survey at Sonoita Creek State Natural Area Park, Santa Cruz County, Arizona. The survey was conducted to obtain cultural resources clearance for the installation of boundary fencing on the western side of the park. The area surveyed is on land owned by the Arizona State Parks Board (ASPB), which borders private land. Proposed fencing will extend approximately 5.7 miles across the circuitous western park boundary. Four-strand barbed...

AZ G:10:26 (ASM) Arizona Site Steward File (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Don Christensen.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file for AZ G:10:26 (ASM), comprised of petroglyphs and lithic scatter, located on Bureau of Land Management land. The file consists of an Arizona State Museum archaeological site card and three pages of sketches of the petroglyphs. The earliest dated document is from 2002.

Indian Burial Mounds in the Missouri River Basin (1960)
DOCUMENT Full-Text R. W. Neuman.

Since its inauguration in 1946, the Missouri Basin Project of the Smithsonian Institution, along with other cooperating Federal, State and local agencies, has concentrated its efforts toward the salvage of archeological materials that will be lost by the construction of dams and the flooding of reservoirs along the Missouri River and its tributaries. The surveys and excavations have been conducted at historic military forts, trading posts, pioneer settlements and Indian villages; however, most...

The Roosevelt Community Development Study, Number 13, Volume 2: Meddler Point, Pyramid Point, and Griffin Wash Sites (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Mark D. Elson. Deborah L. Swartz. Douglas B. Craig. Jeffrey J. Clark.

The Roosevelt Community Development Study (RCD) was one of three data recovery mitigative studies that the Bureau of Reclamation funded to investigate the prehistory of the Tonto Basin in the vicinity of Theodore Roosevelt Dam. The series of investigations constituted Reclamation's program for complying with historic preservation legislation as it applied to the raising and modification of Theodore Roosevelt Dam. Reclamation contracted with Desert Archaeology, Inc. to complete the research for...