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Chuck’s Stomping Grounds and Historical Archaeology’s Haunts: Or, How Charles Orser’s Work Haunts Me (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kathryn E Sampeck.

This is an abstract from the "The Transformation of Historical Archaeology: Papers in Honor of Charles E Orser, Jr" session, at the 2019 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Chuck Orser has taken me all sorts of places, both geographic and intellectual. In fact, he has helped me see the value of connecting concept and place. This paper situates the sociopolitical dynamics of colonialism, Eurocentrism, capitalism, and modernity in their inescapably trans-Atlantic places by...

Pieces of Chocolate: Site Structure and Function at Chocolate Plantation (9MC96), Sapelo Island, Georgia (2007)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Nicholas Honerkamp. Morgan Ray Crook, Jr.. Orion Kroulek.

The origin of Chocolate Plantation (9MC96) as a historic and as an archaeological entity involves a complex narrative. Located on the west side of Sapelo Island, directly adjacent to the Mud River (Figures 1 and 2), Chocolate is situated in an area that proved to be suitable for both prehistoric and historic habitation, a claim that will become abundantly clear in this report. In fact, although this site possesses numerous substantial tabby ruins, it was first defined in the Georgia State Site...

Possible Images of Theobroma cacao in the Prehispanic American Southwest (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Patricia Crown.

The discovery of cacao residues in southwestern pottery raises questions about how much southwestern populations knew about Theobroma cacao. A number of possible images of cacao trees and pods suggest that some southwestern people were either familiar with the tree and the fruit that held cacao beans. Comparisons of Mesoamerican and southwestern imagery offer possible parallels in depiction of trees and fruit, and the southwestern material provides potential iconographic models that may be...

Sapelo Island
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Sapelo Island Project

Sex in a Cup: Feminist Dilemmas in French Chocolate (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kathryn E Sampeck.

This paper considers the intertwining of chocolate-related material culture, representation in paintings and drawings, gender, and recipes across the colonial French Atlantic world. During the eighteenth century, chocolate moved from being an exotic luxury to a daily necessity. In fact, chocolate was one of the crucial items that Loyalist escapees from the French Revolution asked for when they moved to French Azilum in Pennsylvania. During this time, chocolate also became increasingly gendered,...