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Archaeological Topography: Comparing Digital Photogrammetry Taken with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) versus Standard Surveys with Total Stations (2015)

Citation DOCUMENT Grace Erny. Gerardo Gutierrez. Alyssa Friedman. Melanie Godsey. Machal Gradoz.

This paper addresses how Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are used as a platform to produce accurate topographic maps with a considerable reduction in time and costs associated with fieldwork when compared with a total station. For this study, data was collected in the controlled environment of a mapping course to compare the procedures and time required to train archaeology students in the operation of a total station versus the operation of a small UAV equipped with digital cameras. An...


DOCUMENT Victor D. Thompson. Matthew D. Reynolds. Bryan Haley. Richard W. Jefferies. Jay K. Johnson. Laura Humphries.

The Sapelo Shell Ring complex, located on Sapelo Island, Georgia, consists of three large circular shell mounds and numerous smaller amorphous shell middens. Today, one of the rings is highly visible; however, the two other rings and the nonring middens have little surface relief and are virtually invisible. In fact, the location and very existence of the two other rings has been debated for some time. Recent geophysical survey, however, has located the subsurface re­mains of the two...

Sapelo Island

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Sapelo Island Project

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