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Port Huron Archaeological Project
PROJECT Richard Stamps.

The project began in 1975 and has included field investigation and archival research at two historic sites: Fort Gratiot and the Thomas A. Edison Boyhood home, and a Late Woodland Prehistoric site located in Draper Park, all in the vicinity of Port Huron, Michigan. The Project has been a coordinated effort between Oakland University, Michigan State University, St. Clair County Community College, and the Port Huron Museum.

Report of the Preliminary Excavations at Fort Gratiot (1814-1879) in Port Huron, Michigan (1989)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Bruce Hawkins. Richard Stamps.

Publication summarizes the results of archival research and archaeological field work conducted between 1975 and 1985 at the site of Fort Gratiot, a U.S. Military Post occuppied periodically between 1814 and 1879 and located in the vicinity of Port Huron, Michigan

Search for the House in the Grove: Archaeological Excavation of the Boyhood Homesite of Thomas A. Edison in Port Huron, Michigan 1976-1994 (1994)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Richard Stamps. Bruce Hawkins. Wright Nancy.

Publication summarizes the fieldwork and analysis conducted at the site of Thomas Edison's boyhood home in Port Huron, Michigan.