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The Antiquities Act
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This project includes documents related to the history and historical background of the Antiquities Act and its implementation during the century since its enactment. The Antiquities Act was signed into law in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. The history of American conservation often is told in terms of legal milestones, and rightly so. An environmental activist working to expand a local park, a historic preservationist trying to save a cherished old building, a volunteer working on a...

Historic and Prehistoric Ruins of the Southwest and Their Preservation (1904)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Edgar L. Hewett.

The importance of the large number of historic and prehistoric ruins scattered over the semiarid region of the southwestern part of the United States has gradually come to be recognized. Every cliff dwelling, every prehistoric tower, communal house, shrine and burial mound is an object which can contribute something to the advancement of knowledge, and hence is worthy of preservation. Knowledge of the extent, location and nature of these ruins bas been accumulating for many years. We now know...