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Excavation Units (2010)
IMAGE Stephanie Barrante. Victoria Hawley. Jessica Hughes.

Images illustrating, in most cases, the plan view of the final depth of excavation, with all units from 2006 through 2010 represented.

The Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project
PROJECT Michael Nassaney.

The Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project is a collaboration between Western Michigan University and the City of Niles, MI to investigate, interpret, and preserve the physical remains of the site of Fort St. Joseph, a mission, garrison, and trading post complex occupied from 1691 to 1781 by the French then British. Since its inception, the Project has cultivated a robust program of public archaeology to involve and invest the community in the preservation of the site and more generally, the...

Geophysical Prospection And Archeological Investigations Of The Proposed Bridge Replacement, Entrance Road Realignment, And New Visitor Parking Lot Project At The Fort Larned National Historic Site, 14PA305, Pawnee County, Kansas (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Steven De Vore. Albert M. LeBeau III.

The National Park Service’s Midwest Archeological Center staff with Volunteer- In-Parks participants conducted geophysical investigations of the underground electric line installation construction project at the Fort Larned National Historic Site (14PA305) in Pawnee County, Kansas. The geophysical investigations were conducted between July 13 and July 18, 2009. The investigations were requested by the FOLS resource manager at the Fort Larned National Historic Site. The project was located along...

VAFB-2020-06: Results of Archaeological Subsurface Survey Excavations in Support of the Proposed Replacement of an American Water Pressure Release Valve and Water Vault, Archaeological Site CA-SBA-1060, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California (2020)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Karin Olmedo.

This contractor generated letter report is a historic property inventory and an assessment of adverse effects associated with the proposed replacement of an American Water pressure release valve and water vault on Vandenberg Air Force Base (AFB) in Santa Barbara County, California. The purpose of the letter is to compile any prior or current studies performed in support of the replacement project as a single Section 106 and 110 compliance report. To support Section 106 compliance requirements,...