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The Antiquities Act
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This project includes documents related to the history and historical background of the Antiquities Act and its implementation during the century since its enactment. The Antiquities Act was signed into law in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. The history of American conservation often is told in terms of legal milestones, and rightly so. An environmental activist working to expand a local park, a historic preservationist trying to save a cherished old building, a volunteer working on a...

The Antiquities Act and the Acreage Debate (2006)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Frank Norris.

June 8 of 2006 marked the centennial of the Antiquities Act —a law that, by any standards, is a landmark in the history of U.S. land management policies. There was a sweeping application of this act in the late 1970s that reserved a huge amount of acreage, and generated as large an amount of controversy. Questions arose, therefore, about the roots of that controversy, and whether the actions taken regarding Alaska were unique. The Antiquities Act’s second section provides for the U.S. president...