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Aztec West Ruin: Perishable Artifacts and Pottery from Excavations by the American Museum of Natural History
PROJECT Lori Reed. Laurie Webster.

Digital images of pottery and perishable items recovered from Earl Morris' excavations of Aztec West Ruin between 1916 and 1922. Although Morris' excavations at Aztec were extensive, his analysis and descriptions of the artifact assemblage were cursory. In 2003, Laurie Webster and Lori Stephens Reed began systematic analysis, documentation, and digital imaging of pottery and perishables from Morris' Aztec West Ruin collections housed at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY and...

Ceramic: McElmo Black-on-white ladle AZRU8-2073 (2011)
IMAGE Lori Reed.

McElmo Black-on-white ladle, Accession AZRU-00008 Catalog #2073. Morris FS 5131. CULTURALLY SENSITIVE: NAGPRA ARTIFACT; ACCESS RESTRICTED. Analyzed by Lori Reed 2011. Ladle is 80% complete. Measurements: 10.7 x 9.5 cm diameter, 6.3 cm height. Granular igneous rock indicates local production. Handle is double coil style. Image AZRU8-2073 A: side view showing broken handle. Image AZRU8-2073 B: side view showing wear on the rim. Image AZRU8-2073 C: top view showing interior painted design....

Ceramic: Mesa Verde Black-on-white, mug, AZRU1-857 (2011)
IMAGE Lori Reed.

Mesa Verde Black-on-white mug, Accession AZRU-00001 Catalog #857. Morris FS 5135. Analyzed by Lori Reed 2011. 100% complete with 40% reconstruction with unknown plaster material. Measurements: 9.6 x 8.6 cm orifice diameter, 10 cm height. Sherd and granular igneous rock temper indicating local production. Image AZRU1-857 A: exterior side view showing design (with flash). Image AZRU1-857 B: exterior right hand side view of showing design. Image AZRU1-857 C: exterior view showing handle and...