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Aztec West Ruin: Perishable Artifacts and Pottery from Excavations by the American Museum of Natural History
PROJECT Lori Reed. Laurie Webster.

Digital images of pottery and perishable items recovered from Earl Morris' excavations of Aztec West Ruin between 1916 and 1922. Although Morris' excavations at Aztec were extensive, his analysis and descriptions of the artifact assemblage were cursory. In 2003, Laurie Webster and Lori Stephens Reed began systematic analysis, documentation, and digital imaging of pottery and perishables from Morris' Aztec West Ruin collections housed at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY and...

Perishable: Corncob on Quill AZRU8-2870 (2006)
IMAGE Laurie Webster.

Corncob on Quill, Accession AZRU-00008, Catalog #2870. Morris FS 3723. Analyzed by Laurie Webster, 2006. Corncob mounted on a feather quill. Measurements: L 8.5, D 2.3 CM. Image: AZRU8-2870 A: corncob mounted on feather quill. AZRU8-2870 B: other face showing orange color of quill. Recovered from Earl Morris' excavation of Room 147, Aztec West Ruin. Earl Morris’ description of Room 147 at the time of excavation is as follows: “the immediate floor covering was a foot of refuse, with Burials...