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Aztec West Ruin: Ceramic and Perishable Artifacts from the 1984 West Ruin Accession 61 Excavation Project
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This project includes images of ceramic and perishable artifacts from Accession AZRU-61 recovered during the 1984 Archeological Investigations for Modifications to West Ruin Drainage project. Excavations associated with the project were under the direction of Jim Trott of the National Park Service, Santa Fe support office. In addition to trench excavations in the Aztec West plaza, several rooms (225, 221, 222, 223, 129, 158(2), 204, 232, and 255) in the north and west wings of the great house...

Aztec West Ruin: Perishable Artifacts and Pottery from Excavations by the American Museum of Natural History
PROJECT Lori Reed. Laurie Webster.

Digital images of pottery and perishable items recovered from Earl Morris' excavations of Aztec West Ruin between 1916 and 1922. Although Morris' excavations at Aztec were extensive, his analysis and descriptions of the artifact assemblage were cursory. In 2003, Laurie Webster and Lori Stephens Reed began systematic analysis, documentation, and digital imaging of pottery and perishables from Morris' Aztec West Ruin collections housed at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY and...

Aztec West Ruin: Perishables and Pottery from Various National Park Service Projects and Collections
PROJECT Uploaded by: Lori Reed

This project includes images of perishable artifacts (textiles, basketry, etc.) and pottery recovered from Aztec Ruins during the course of numerous National Park Service (NPS) projects. Some of the artifacts were donated to the NPS and may have originated at sites other than Aztec Ruins. The artifacts are part of the NPS collections and are housed at either Aztec Ruins National Monument, Hibben Center at the University of New Mexico, or Western Archeology and Conservation Center. Most of the...

Ceramic: Chaco Black-on-white, bowl, AMNH 29.0/7521 (2004)
IMAGE Lori Reed.

Chaco Black-on-white, bowl, AMNH Accession 29.0, Catalog #7521, Morris FS 1114. Analyzed by Lori Reed 2004. Temper is medium quartz sand in a silty low fired paste suggesting local production at Aztec. Image AMNH 29.0/7521 A: interior view. Image AMNH 29.0/7521 B: interior closeup of repair. Image AMNH 29.0/7521 C: exterior design view. Image AMNH 29.0/7521 D: view of interior base wear. Image AMNH 29.0/7521 E: closeup of interior design. Recovered from Earl Morris' excavation of Room 48, West...

Ceramic: Chaco Black-on-white, sharp shoulder pitcher, AZRU25-3327 (2011)
IMAGE Lori Reed.

Chaco Black-on-white, sharp shoulder pitcher, Accession AZRU-00025 Catalog #3327. Analyzed by Lori Reed 2011. Sand temper and washy bright white slip indicates production in the Chaco Cibola region. Vessel is 98% complete with one rim fragment and handle attached by unknown adhesive. Measurements: 6.4 cm diameter, 17.5 cm height. Image AZRU25-3327 A: top view showing pitcher orifice. Image AZRU25-3327 B: view of exterior base. Image AZRU25-3327 C: side view showing shape of pitcher. Image...

Ceramic: Example of Chaco Black-on-white, Accession AZRU-00061 (2005)
IMAGE Lori Reed.

Chaco Black-on-white sherds from West Plaza Trench, Aztec West Ruin, Accession AZRU-00061. Analysis by Tori Myers and Lori Reed, 2005. Image Aztec Acc61 Ceramic 45: left: Chaco B/w jar rim of nonlocal origin with a sub-glaze paint (Catalog #6874 FS126); right: Chaco B/w bowl rim of nonlocal origin (Catalog # 6874 FS126).

Ceramics, Lithics, and Ornaments of Chaco Canyon: An Analysis of Artifacts from Chaco Project, 1971-1978 Volume 1 Ceramics (1997)
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To improve management and interpretation of Chaco Canyon National Monument (now Chaco Culture National Historical Park) and to increase knowledge about the environment and its effects on cultural adaptations in the Chaco drainage of northwestern New Mexico (Figure l.l), a multidisciplinary research project was initiated in 1969 by the National Park Service, in cooperation with the University of New Mexico (Maruca 1982). Fieldwork began in 1971 with a sample transect survey, followed by a...