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Excavations at LA 103919, A Developmental Period Site Near Nambe Pueblo, Santa Fe County, New Mexico (2005)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Stephen Lentz. Office of Archaeological Studies, Museum of New Mexico.

Results of a New Mexcio Department of Transportaion road project where the data recovery was completed by the Office of Archaeological Studies.

Nambe fauna (2005)
DATASET Nancy Akins.

Fauna recovered from LA 103919, a Late Developmental period site near Nambe.

Pena Blanca faunal remains
PROJECT Uploaded by: Nancy Akins

Faunal data from a data recovery excavation at six sites located along NM 22 near Pena Blanca. The excavations were done by the Office of Archaeological Studies and the Office of Contract Archaeology. Sites with faunal data range from Early Developmental to Classic.