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In small things remembered; the sponge decorated ceramics from Inishark, Galway. (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Franc Myles.

In recent years excavators along the western seaboard of Ireland and Scotland have recovered extensive evidence on domestic sites for the presence of Spongewares and other mass-produced ceramics dating to the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The recovery of this material has opened the debate on the ‘marginal’ nature of such landscapes which has fostered divergent theoretical approaches questioning consumer choices in post-Famine Ireland at odds with received subaltern narratives of...

Investigations at Two Archeological Sites Near Akers Ferry, Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Shannon County, Missouri (1996)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James E. Price. Mark J. Lynott.

Archeological investigations were carried out at two multicomponent archeological sites in the vicinity of Akers Ferry in Shannon County, Missouri, in September 1991. This work was conducted under a cooperative agreement between the National Park Service and the University of Missouri-Columbia and consisted of subsurface testing of previously recorded archeological sites in areas where planned developments in Ozark National Scenic Riverways would adversely impact their archeological integrity if...