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Archaeological Assessment of Fireline Impact on Two National Register Eligible Sites (38SU51 and 38SU205) and an Archaeological Survey of Five Areas Surrounding or Within Big Bay, Poinsett Electronic Combat Weapons Range, Sumter County, South Carolina (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Charles E. Cantley. John Cable. New South Associates.

In late February 2001, a wildfire burned approximately 4,000 acres of the Poinsett Electronic Combat Range. This fire was located east of Strafe Pot Road, south of Big Bay Road, and included much of the area within Big Bay. Both Strafe Pit and Big Bay roads were widened in areas within Big Bay. Both Strafe Pit and Big Bay roads were widened in areas and new firebanks were constructed in order to contain the fire. The area surrounding Big Bay represents an are containing numerous archaeological...

Data Recovery at 38RD628, Fort Jackson, South Carolina (2005)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Christopher Ohm Clement. Ramona M. Grunden. Amy C. Joyce.

This report details archaeological data recovery operations at site 38RD628, on McCrady Training Center, Fort Jackson, South Carolina. McCrady is used by the South Carolina National Guard (SCARNG) as its primary training site. To enhance training potential the SCARNG anticipated creating a tracked vehicle training site in the “D-First” are of McCrady. Although direct impact to 38RD628 by the creation of the training area was not anticipated,, the SCARNG recognized that tracked vehicles in...