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Archeology and the Federal Government (1994)
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This is a special issue of the National Park Service's journal, CRM, articles in this issue provides information about federal agencies' archeological activities in parks and other federal lands, Indian tribes, states, local governments and the private sector. This special issue of CRM magazine focuses on the protection and management of archeological sites, collections, and data. The National Strategy for Federal Archeology encompasses public education and participation, public use of the...

Archeology and the United States Federal Government (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Francis McManamon. George S. Smith.

Written by Francis P. McManamon and George S. Smith, this paper focuses on the development and organization of the Federal Archeology Program under the National Historic Preservation Program. Beginning in the early nineteenth century, the United States government became concerned for the preservation of important archeological properties - leading to the development of the Federal Archeology Program and a wide range of agencies and activities at the national, state and local levels. McManamon...

A History of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act: Law and Regulations (1985)
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With the aim to present a current topic of debate in archeology and the federal government that would interest the archeological community, publisher Jacqueline Nichols and editor Janet L. Friedman of the American Archeology journal issued a special selection of articles titled “ARPA.” This journal segment provides a history of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act, its conception, development, and the laws and regulations established in the process. Senator Jeff Bingaman offers the...

Phase I Archaeological Investigation of 2,707.47 Acres on Avon Park Air Force Range, Polk and Highlands Counties, Florida (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jennifer Elam. Brandi Carrier Jones. Amy Burkholder.

This report presents the results of Phase I archaeological investigations of 2707.47 acres on Avon Park Air Force Range (APAFR) in Polk and Highland counties, Florida. The purpose of this study is to provide the APAFR with data for use in the management of its cultural resources in partial fulfillment of its obligations under the National Historic Preservation Act and other applicable cultural resources legislation. The Phase I survey resulted in the discovery of ten newly identified...