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An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed X Range Construction Project Area, Avon Park Air Force Range, Highlands County, Florida (1983)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Mark J. Brooks.

This survey of the proposed X Range Construction project area at the Avon Park Air Force Range (AFR) was performed in response to MacDill Air Force Base (AFB) Requisition No. F08602-83-Q2561 with amendments, and Contract No. F08602-83-M2170. The survey area is in Highlands County and consists of approximately 2,400 acres. A twenty-five percent sample of the approximately 1200 acres of surveyable land (not underwater) was undertaken. The proposed target area locations and areas adjacent to the...

Avon Park AFR Architectural and General Base History
PROJECT Avon Park Air Force Range. Park T. DeVane. Kelly Nolte. US Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District. Virgil Roy Beasley. Marsha Prior. United States Air Force History Office and Museums Program.

This project contains documents relating to both the architectural and the general history of the Avon Park Air Force Range. The documents range from amateur histories of the air force range to Historic American Engineering Record-like documentation.

A History of the Lands Composing the Avon Park Bombing Range (1983)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Park T. DeVane.

Giving an intimate history of the lands composing the Avon Park Bombing Range, this report is the result of the Avon Park Air Force Range participating in a program to identify and protect historic sites on government lands, particularly those located on their Air Force Range. Although the activities in the area may not have been significant within the definition of federal and state laws, installation personnel felt that sites of local interest should be identified and described. Without this...