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Archaeological Investigations at the Posey Site (18CH281) and 18CH282 Indian Head Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (2005.012)

The two sites were located and initially tested during a survey of limited portions of the facility in 1985. At that time, the Posey Site was interpreted as a probable Contact Period deposit thought to date from ca. 1600 A.D. to an unknown terminal point. Several intact subsurface features were discovered, one of which yielded material radiocarbon dated to 1575 +/- 90 years A.D. The fieldwork conducted during the present investigation consisted of the excavation of 510 shovel test pits and 37...

Artifact Inventory, Old Baltimore, Aberdeen Proving Ground (2014)
DATASET Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory.

Artifact Inventory for Phase I and Phase II Investigations at Old Baltimore, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, US.

Artifact Photographs, Posey Site, Colonial Encounters (1 of 3) (2014)
IMAGE St. Mary's College of Maryland, St. Mary's City, Maryland. Colonial Encounters Archaeological Project.

These photographs were generated by archaeological investigations of the Posey site during the Colonial Encounters: The Lower Potomac River Valley at Contact, 1500-1720 AD project. This record (part 1) includes the first 50 images.

Phase I/II Investigations at Site 18HA030, Old Baltimore, Aberdeen Proving Ground (2002.018)
PROJECT Army -- Archaeology and Historic Preservation Program.

This project contains photographs of images of artifacts, architecture and an artifact inventory from Phase I/II investigations at Site 18HA030, Old Baltimore, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland US. Artifact images are organised onto resource pages by the following categories: ceramics, faunal, metals, pipes, prehistoric and miscellaneous.