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Alcohol and Drinking in Historical Archaeological Perspective (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Frederick Smith.

In 2004, Michael Nassaney told me of his plans for a thematic series in historical archaeology with the University Press of Florida. Since that time the series has emerged and resulted in the publication of a dozen books that provide important insights for archaeologists exploring key issues shaping life in the modern era. Given my work on alcohol studies in the Caribbean, I saw the series as an opportunity to present my particular alcohol-related findings from Barbados. Moreover, while...

Beyond the Bar: The Consumption of Alcohol in Productive Spaces (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Charlotte Goudge.

The study of alcohol consumption has, in recent years, occupied much thought within modern academia. As a material culture, its ability to shed light on many social and economic themes has made alcohol consumption a vital part of human history. Places of consumption such as taverns have offered tantalising allusions to such themes as rebellion, subversion and freedom. However, alcohol consumption was not limited to those specialised spaces alone and was often consumed within the work and...

Miner’s Delight: An Investigation into the Material Culture of Social Drugs on the Frontier (2020)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Nicholas DePalma.

This is an abstract from the session entitled "Considering Frontiers Beyond the Romantic: Spaces of Encroachment, Innovation, and Far Reaching Entanglements" , at the 2020 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. The early 19th century saw an influx of settlers, miners, and profiteers from both the established United States and foreign nations into the western frontier in search of wealth through the mining and smelting of lead. What they brought with them were consumption...

Placing it on the Table...or Under It: Negotiations in the Saloons of Highland City, Montana and the Tavern of Smuttynose Island, Maine (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Megan Victor.

            Frontiers are creative, at times chaotic, places of the collusion and collision of ideas; as people encounter one another, as well as the geological and ecological forces of the physical environment, they forge spaces of meeting, interaction, dynamism, and change. These features are inherent to frontiers regardless of time period or geographic region. Having wrapped up the final year of excavations at the mining town of Highland City, Montana (1866-1890), I have compared the...

Spirits And Spirituality: Drinking, Smoking, And Racial Uplift In 19th Century Nantucket, MA (2020)
DOCUMENT Citation Only John T. Crawmer.

This is an abstract from the session entitled "An Archaeology Of Freedom: Exploring 19th-Century Black Communities And Households In New England." , at the 2020 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Boston University and UMass Boston excavations at the Nantucket African Meeting House and neighboring Boston-Higginbotham House provide a unique opportunity to investigate the relationship between institutions and individual materiality. Throughout the 19th century, African...

Whither The Tavern Pattern? (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Marley Brown III. Kathleen J. Bragdon.

A rigorous vessel form comparison of two archaeological assemblages in the collections of Plimoth Plantation, those recovered from the Wellfleet tavern site on Great Island, and the Joseph Howland site, located in Kingston, Massachusetts, represented the first careful study of a tavern component in relation to a domestic one.  This paper evaluates the original interpretive framework of that early study, framed in terms of occupational differences of site owners, in view of the changing...