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Archaeological Collection Sampling and Discard Protocols (Legacy 16-789)
PROJECT Brian Crane.

This project developed guidance on how to slow the growth in volume of materials requiring long-term curation and allow for future efficient management of collections of undetermined, little or no research potential. Guidance is given to relate collection management plans to associated project research designs. These guidelines should be distributed to DoD cultural resources subject matter experts and cultural resources managers for implementation. The best practices presented would be...

Significance and Research Standards for Prehistoric Archaeological Sites at Fort Bliss: A Design for the Evaluation, Management, and Treatment of Cultural Resources (2009)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Michael Karam

The 2009 revision of the Fort Bliss Significance and Research Standards was truly the product of a communal and cooperative effort among agency and consulting archaeologists from across New Mexico and Texas. First and foremost, the Environmental Division of Fort Bliss deserves credit for their vision in producing the original 1996 Significance Standards, and their continuing vision and support to see the document revised. This has resulted in a contemporary “living document” that reflects the...