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Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-032: Excavations at Casa Roca (Site 5Mt2203), a Pueblo I / Pueblo II Field House (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Joel M. Brisbin.

Casa Roca, Site 5MT2203, is a small, seasonal use, single-component site located in southwestern Colorado. The site was excavated in 1979 by the Dolores Archaeological Program (D.A.P.) as part of a representative sample of sites, by site type and temporal period, from the borrow areas of the Dolores Project, a Bureau of Reclamation water storage project. Casa Roca is assigned to the McPhee Phase (A.D. 850-970) as defined by the D.A.P. temporal system. This corresponds to the late Pueblo I and...

Looking through the Local Lens: Recognizing Southern Chuska Valley Production of Mesa Verde Style Pottery (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Meaghan Trowbridge. Lori Stephens Reed.

Recent analyses of ceramics from the Southern Chuska Valley (SCV) have suggested that vessels commonly identified as imports from the Mesa Verde region in fact largely represent locally-produced variants of Mesa Verde White Ware rather than actual imported vessels. Data collected from the US 491 Highway mitigation project (SRI) and the El Paso Pipeline project (WCRM) provide a baseline from which we plan to further investigate the presence of locally-manufactured Mesa Verde variant types in the...