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Phytoliths and the Development of Agriculture (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lisa Kealhofer. Judith Field. Adelle Coster.

Investigations of rainforest archaeological sites from the Koombaloomba Dam environs in the NE Queensland Wet Tropics, have established a human presence here since the early Holocene (Cosgrove et al., 2007). These open sites have yielded abundant archaeological finds including excellent preservation of plant macro-remains in the form of wood charcoal and the carbonised shells of some toxic starchy economic plant species including Beilschmiedia bancroftii, the Yellow Walnut. Examination of the...

Plant Resource Utilization at the Shunshanji Site in Jiangsu Province Based on the Analysis of Plant Remains (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Yuzhang YANG. Weiya LI. Chenglong YIN. Zhijie CHENG. Juzhong ZHANG.

Shunshanji is an important Neolithic age archaeological site in Jiangsu province. However, until now hardly any paleo-ethnobotanical research has been accomplished. In this paper, microbotanical remains such as starch grains and phytoliths were used to investigate the ancient plant utilization at this site. In addition, carbonized seeds from portulacaceae, rumex, chenopodiaceae, asteraceae were recovered through flotation analysis. Both stone tools and pottery vessels yielded plentiful starch...