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AMEC E&I Archaeological Investigation Results: DhRr-74 "Kikayt Village Site" (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sarah K Smith.

Summary of results of archaeological investigations conducted by AMEC Environment & Infrastructre within the Kikayt village site (DhRr-74) located on the southern bank of the Fraser River in Surrey, British Coulumbia, Canada.  The Kikayt site is identified in the ethnigraphies of Hill-Tout as a Kwantlen First Nation fishing village, reportedly abandoned by 1858-1859 when the then capitol, New Westminster, was founded accross the river. The site was established as an Indian Reserve for the...

A Proto-Historic Site in the Western Great Lakes (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Scott Demel. Marla Buckmaster. Terrance Martin. James Paquette. Kathryn Parker.

The discovery of several early iconographic/Jesuit rings in 1996 in Marquette County, Michigan led to the subsequent discovery of a proto-historic locus within a larger multi-component site. Professional archaeologists and volunteers spent two summers excavating 34 square meters near this discovery, and eventually identified the area as Location A at the Goose Lake Outlet #3 site. The excavated area is a single component occupation located in an ecologically diverse region that has been used...

Shoshoni Emigrant Interaction at Fort Bridger, Wyoming 1843-1868 (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only A.Dudley Gardner.

This is an abstract from the "Archaeologies of Contact and Colonialism" session, at the 2019 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. From 1983 to the present, excavations have been underway at Fort Bridger State Historic Site in southwest Wyoming.  In excavation we found a protohistoric component that indicates extensive Shoshoni trade at the site from 1843-1868.   The Shoshoni traders interacted with westward-bound emigrants headed to Oregon, Utah, and California and...