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3D Visualization and Soundscape Applications that Speak to Community Organizational Change on Luzon, Philippines during Spanish Contact (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jared Koller.

This paper explores the organizational impact of Spanish contact on the island of Luzon, Philippines from the 15th-19th centuries through an analysis of sound landscapes (soundscapes) that are produced by the habitual ringing of Catholic Church bells. Church bells in Luzon were intended to notify local residents of prayer congregation or of impending ‘Moro’ attacks; however the bells were also Spanish territorial markers that flaunted power and demanded the attention of residents living within...

The Archaeology of Nuestra Señora Santa María de los Remedios del Cabo de la Vela, a colonial enterprise settlement for pearl fishing in the sixteenth century. (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Marcela Bernal.

While the subject of the contact can be approached from different perspectives (political, economic, social, cultural, religious), in this study the reflection will have to do with power and social control over the daily customs and practices of each group involved in a contact society (which includes categories such as physical space management, nutritional practices and identification of material goods to each of the groups), settle in el Cabo de la Vela to continue with the enterprise for...

Awanyus, Kachinas and Birds, oh my: Exploring Changes in Iconography in the Contact Era Rio Grande Pueblo World (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Heather Seltzer.

The Spanish conquistadors and missionaries created upheaval in the Pueblo world and increased interaction with external groups upon their arrival in the Rio Grande area during the 16th century. The social tensions that were exacerbated forced a blending of ideas and culture. Important concepts to the Pueblo people were often displayed through ceramic iconography. Whether the transference of ideologies exists in ceramic iconography becomes a focal question. Archaeologists have suggested that...

A Luta Continua: Post-Colonial Reinterpretations of Early Colonial Contacts and their Contemporary Legacies in Mozambique (2023)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Diogo V. Oliveira.

This is an abstract from the session entitled "Africa’s Discovery of the World from Archaeological Perspectives: Revisiting Moments of First Contact, Colonialism, and Global Transformation", at the 2023 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Cultural heritage and patrimony face myriad threats across the globe. Around the world, governments and institutions continue to affirm an inherent desire to protect cultural heritage, yet actions speak louder than words. Climate...

Under the Church Bell: Reducción and Control in Spanish Philippines (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jared Koller. Stephen Acabado.

The Spanish conquest of the Philippines redesigned the indigenous landscape to adhere to the idealized orthogonal plan outlined by King Philip II’s Ordinances of 1573, centered on the church plaza. This reconfiguration facilitated the successful political, economic, and religious control of the colonial possession. An aspect of this resettlement plan is the concept of Bajo de Campana (under the bell) that implied control through the ringing of the church bell. The plaza complex, which is...