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Crossing the Line (Part I): Making taphonomy work for social practices in prehistory (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Hannah Chazin.

This paper is the first part of a two-part exploration of the use of taphonomy as an archaeological technique across prehistoric archaeology and the archaeology of the contemporary. Parts I and II are a dialogue, through which both authors have re-approached their own work on taphonomy as an archaeological method and analytic. Part I is an exploration of how approaching taphonomy as history opens up the possibility of exploring the political ramifications of pastoral practices. The...

Out on the Ice with Ruth: Taking Chances Together (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Margaret Conkey.

Although we had previously been colleagues at different institutions, it was when we were both on the faculty at Berkeley (starting in 1987) that we elaborated our mutual "you go first" relationship in our research and teaching. I had once corralled Ruth into participating in a Women in Anthropology kind of seminar while still at Binghamton (1977), but it was with her now famous "kicking and screaming" foray to the Wedge for the conference that became the volume, Engendering Archaeology, that...