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Reconstructing Large-Area Ancient Transportation Networks to Support Complexity Research (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Devin White.

Understanding and explaining the flow of people across landscapes through time, and the transportation networks that flow creates, has long been of interest to archaeologists focused on the origin, development, and inner workings of complex societies. Reconstructing these networks is extremely challenging due to data sparsity. Existing desktop GIS tools allow you to generate point-to-point routes via least cost analysis, which can then be compared to documented routes (which are very rare), used...

Travel Corridors and Economic Integration in the Chacoan Regional System (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Devin White. Scott Ortman.

It is well known that a variety of goods flowed into the center of the Chaco regional system between 980-1140 CE. Previous research demonstrated that these goods were generally consumed within the canyon instead of redistributed to outlying settlements. Yet, a variety of indicators from peripheral areas indicate robust economic expansion during this same period and contraction in the immediate post-Chacoan period (1140-1180 CE). This suggests greater levels of exchange and interaction among...