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Interaction in the Late Classic Kaqchikel Area and Adjacent Pacific Coast: Least Cost Routes (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Eugenia Robinson. Geoffrey Braswell. Francisco Belli-Estrada.

Least cost analysis of prehistoric nodes of interaction in the Kaqchikel Guatemalan highlands and Pacific Coast indicates the locations of viable travel routes. Several classes of data, such as sculpture, obsidian and ceramics, indicate that there was communication and economic exchange in the Kaqchikel Maya area in the central highlands and Cotzumalguapan Piedmont during the Late Classic Period (600-830 A.D.). Today people walk between neighboring towns on foot paths and roads designed for cars...

Least Cost Analysis of Peopling Events on the Northwest Coast of North America (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Robert Gustas.

The peopling of the Americas continues to be a relevant issue in contemporary archaeology. Due to the very small number of discovered sites which predate 10,000 years before present, the chronology and method of these migration events are not well understood. Previous research has been unsuccessful in consistently identifying sites from this time period and better models are needed to successfully locate sites in this landscape which has gone through radical change over the last 16,000 years....

Modeling Regional-Scale Vulnerabilities to Drought through Least Cost Analyses: An Archaeological Case Study from the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Michael Aiuvalasit. Ian Jorgeson.

This is an abstract from the "Novel Statistical Techniques in Archaeology I (QUANTARCH I)" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. We present a new approach for identifying archaeological proxies for community vulnerabilities to climate change: least cost analyses of water acquisition costs from archaeological sites to water. By automating the least cost analysis through a custom Python script in ArcGIS Pro, we modeled the 1-way cost for water acquisition...

Reconstructing Large-Area Ancient Transportation Networks to Support Complexity Research (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Devin White.

Understanding and explaining the flow of people across landscapes through time, and the transportation networks that flow creates, has long been of interest to archaeologists focused on the origin, development, and inner workings of complex societies. Reconstructing these networks is extremely challenging due to data sparsity. Existing desktop GIS tools allow you to generate point-to-point routes via least cost analysis, which can then be compared to documented routes (which are very rare), used...

Trade and Tribute Routes among the Spanish and Pipil in Cuscatlan, El Salvador (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Rosemary Lieske.

In ancient societies political, ideological, and environmental factors played a role in determining settlement patterns and trade routes. The use of GIS-based modeling approaches, such as least cost path analysis, provide us with a greater understanding of how ancient people moved and interacted in the landscape and the possible trade routes that existed among them. In this study I use network and least cost path analyses to reconstruct the network of trade and communication routes surrounding...