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Invertebrate Zooarchaeology of Marco Gonzalez, Belize as One Aspect of an Investigation of Trade and Environment (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Petra Cunningham-Smith. Elizabeth Graham.

The zooarchaeological remains associated with ancient coastal communities are an important source of information on how past societies used their natural resources. They reflect people’s interaction with their environment and can yield information on how these interactions affected culture, economy and—not least—the ecology of such areas. The research presented here is an analysis of large invertebrate remains, primarily conch but also other large mollusks found at the ancient Maya site of Marco...

New Discoveries in the Izapa "Protoclassic" and Early Classic Periods (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Rebecca Mendelsohn.

Izapa is best known as a Formative period (850-50 BC) monumental center with elaborately carved monuments. The site is also known for its Late Classic period monumental construction in Group F, at the northern end of the site. Considerably less attention has been paid to the transitional Terminal Formative or "Protoclassic" period Hato and Itstapa phases (50 BC-AD 250), as well as the Early Classic period Jaritas phase (AD 250-400), which bridge the temporal gap between these two centers. This...