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Advanced Digital Modelling of the Newport Medieval Ship (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Toby N. Jones. Nigel Nayling. Pat Tanner.

Since its discovery in 2002, the remains of the mid 15th century clinker built Newport Medieval Ship have been excavated, cleaned, documented, modelled and are now midway through PEG and freeze-drying conservation treatment. Digital documentation methods, including laser scanning and contact digitising were used extensively. The manufacture and assembly of a 1:10 scale physical model of the vessel remains has provided both construction sequence information and a suitable foundation from which to...

Analysing cultural change (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Anne Kandler.

The archaeological record provides information about frequencies of different cultural artefacts in potentially time-averaged samples. The temporal frequency changes of these artefacts reflect the dynamic of the underlying evolutionary processes but the question remains whether inferences about the nature of those processes, especially about the nature of cultural transmission processes, can be made on the base of observed frequency patterns. Here we develop a non-equilibrium framework which...

The evolution of farming, and the boom and bust of culture. (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Adrian Timpson. Katie Manning. Stephen Shennan. Enrico Crema.

Occam’s razor judges the success of any model by its ability to explain the evidence with the greatest simplicity. We present two powerful yet simple models; the first evaluates the transition from hunting and gathering to farming within an evolutionary framework, by considering farming as a phenotypic mutation under positive selection. This allows us to estimate the selection coefficient and map local times of first appearance and fixation. The second evaluates the appearance and eventual...