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GEOSPATIAL Citation Only Stephen Kowalewski.

Coixtlahuaca survey data

Living on the Dead in the Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jeffrey Blomster.

In exploring the bioarchaeology of ancient Oaxaca, an important component is the social context of human burials. This paper explores the placement of four burials, containing seven individuals, associated with the same Yucuita phase (500-300 BCE) household at Etlatongo, Oaxaca. This household appears to have been located in the same space for several generations, shifting slightly both horizontally and vertically through time. These burials are associated with the first occupation of this...

Mixteca Alta GIS
PROJECT Uploaded by: Veronica Perez Rodriguez

GIS data from Mixteca Alta projects

The symbolism of Prehispanic twins from Ñuu Savi, Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Mariana Navarro. Ricardo Higuelin. Verónica Pérez. Antonio Martínez.

In Mesoamerica twins were associated with a rich symbolism and imagery. The study of this topic has focused mainly on Nahua and Maya societies because of the large number of available stories and associated imagery. In archaeological contexts, finding twins is unusual. During the 2014 season of the Cerro Jazmin Archaeological Project two infants were found and excavated in a domestic terrace dating to the Ramos phase (300 BCE-300 CE). Osteological analyses indicate that they were two premature...

Tepelmeme boundary (2017)
GEOSPATIAL Stephen Kowalewski.

Tepelmeme boundary