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An ethnoarchaeological study on anthropic markers from a shell-midden in Tierra del Fuego: Lanashuaia II (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Debora Zurro. Myrian Alvarez. Ivan Briz. Joan Negre. Jorge Caro.

Hunter-gatherer sites constitute often challenging research contexts within the discipline of archaeology; identifying and even defining whom Tierra del Fuego constitute an optimum arena for studying anthropic markers in hunter-gatherers sites for two reasons: a) good preservation of archaeological remains; b) a rich ethnographic record about hunter-fisher-gatherer societies who inhabited this region. The aim of this work is to present the first results of an intrasite spatial analysis, based on...

Long-term culture landscape development at (EkTb-9) Triquet Island, British Columbia, Canada (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Alisha Gauvreau. Duncan McLaren.

EkTb-9, a Heiltsuk First Nation village site located on Triquet Island, British Columbia, Canada, has an occupation span of over 11,500 calendar years. Archaeological and palaeo-environmental research indicates that local sea level was relatively stable during that time. EkTb-9 is rich in archaeology strata including a five meter deep shell midden and nearby water-logged deposits which contains perishable materials, most notably parts of bent wood and compound fish-hooks and wooden bi-point...

Modelling Village Development in the Prince Rupert Harbour (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kevan Edinborough.

The initial results of a radiocarbon local marine reservoir correction study are presented for Prince Rupert Harbor in northern British Columbia, Canada. These preliminary results are integrated into a series of Bayesian age-depth models that illustrate how shell-midden accumulation rates can dramatically vary. Village development in the harbor is discussed in the light of these new findings. SAA 2015 abstracts made available in tDAR courtesy of the Society for American Archaeology and Center...