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Technique and Style in textiles from the Cerro de Oro site (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Rosa Maria Varillas.

This paper focuses on the analysis the textile material obtained in three areas (one funeral and two domestic) investigated within the archaeological site located in Cerro de Oro Cañete Valley. This research is embedded within the framework of the Cerro de Oro Archaeological Project, which is working on this archaeological site since 2012 which has among its objectives to determine the cultural affiliation of the site, especially its relationship with the Wari phenomenon. The material has been...

Wari funerary contexts: An elite funerary chamber in Cerro de Oro, Cañete Valley (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Grace Alexandrino Ocaña.

Evidence of looted tombs from Conchopata and Huari -the capital of Wari- have allowed archaeologists to identify up to three formal types of funerary structures. Researchers also point out that variants of these types of funerary enclosures identified at both sites might have held local chiefs and provincial governors. Evidence of such elite Wari funerary contexts has also been found in Espítiru Pampa, in the high jungle of Vilcabamba, and Batan Urqo, in Cusco, among others. Although the...